Thursday, October 16, 2008

Corry, Pennsylvania

this last weekend our group of friends (GHK) took a trip to corry, pennsylvania. we heard about a haunted swamp there called Tamarack swamp. we were going to check it out and then on the way back home we were going to stop in Clymer and check out Jacquin's pond, it turned out that they were the same place...odd...but we finally found the swamp after being pulled over by the game warden at 11:03, because we were "spotting game" after 11:00...we only got a warning and then they told us how to get there. the story behind the swamp is that two school buses were on the trail and the trail could only handle one bus. they tried to avoid each other but it resulted in many deaths. one of the bus drivers named George went back to the accident site and hung himself because he couldnt live with himself. the legend goes if you drive over each bridge and chant George, George, George, you will hear thraashing under the bridge below you...but since about a year ago they closed of the trail making it only accessible to pedsetrians. we walked down the dark trail all the way down to the third bridge and all the way back and nothing ever happened. except on the way back some kids were nestled in the woods and saw our car and tried to scare us, but it didnt work, therefore we concluded that the swamp in corry is not haunted, and all of us have yet to encounter something paranormal, next week there will be a blog about our next trip to erie, pennsylvania.
The Ghost Hunting Klan (GHK)

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